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Ways To Give

Community Hospice Foundation raises the funds needed to enhance the quality of life for our patients and families and to support the unfunded and under-funded patient care, community programs, services and support for those in our community dealing with advanced illness or grief. These contributions also enable Community Hospice to continue to provide compassionate care, regardless of any patient’s ability to pay.

Your contributions go directly toward meeting the individual care needs of adults and children in Northeast Florida, along with professional education and community outreach programs that help ensure everyone in our community knows more about end-of-life issues and has access to our services.

With your gift, you can provide the following:

  • Special tribute or memorial dedications for your family or loved one.
  • Care for patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover needed treatment.
  • Emergency assistance for families in need.
  • Care and support for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions through Community PedsCare®.
  • Education, outreach and community grief services of the Charles M. Neviaser Educational Institute.
  • Program enhancements and facilities improvements at the five homelike Community Hospice inpatient care centers.
  • Endowment to ensure future funding and sustainability of care and services.
  • Types of Donations

    There are many ways to make a donation to Community Hospice of Northeast Florida through Community Hospice Foundation:

    • Gifts of cash, check or credit card. A gift of cash allows you to receive an income tax deduction for the value of the gift while also helping Community Hospice meet its immediate financial obligations. Gifts may be made in a single payment, pledged and fulfilled over a period of years, or may be made as an estate gift.

      Checks may be made payable to Community Hospice Foundation and mailed to 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257. Contributions also may be made by American Express®, Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® Card online or by calling 904.886.3883.

    • Appreciated stock. Appreciated stock can be an attractive gift choice. You may avoid capital gains taxes and receive a tax deduction for the full value of the gift.
    • Bonds and mutual funds. Bonds and mutual funds, unless they have appreciated in value, are similar to cash in the way taxes are treated, with a tax deduction for the full value of the gift. If they have appreciated, a capital gains tax could apply.
    • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and qualified pension plans. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and pension plans held in an estate can be subject to double-taxation through an estate tax and income tax to the beneficiary. This makes these plans attractive as charitable gifts. The IRA or qualified plan will not be subject to estate tax and, because Community Hospice Foundation is a tax-exempt charity, there is no income tax.
    • Tangible personal property and real estate. Community Hospice is able to accept gifts of property. Please contact the Foundation to discuss this gift option.
      • Furniture, household items, clothing, etc. These donations and more are accepted for resale at the Community Hospice Thrift Shops at 11173 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, and 680 Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park. Please call 904.998.1718 for information or to schedule a large-item pick up.
    • Estate and Deferred gifts. There are numerous options for estate and planned giving including some that provide an income benefit to the donor during his/her lifetime. Please contact the Foundation to discuss giving plans including bequests, life insurance, charitable trusts and annuities.
    • Matching gifts. Many employers have matching gift programs through which your generosity to Community Hospice can be multiplied. Community Hospice is eligible for many matching gift programs from corporations, foundations and other organizations. If you or your spouse work for a company with a matching gift program, please obtain the appropriate form from the company's personnel office and include it with your gift.
  • Memorialize a Loved One

    Making a gift to Community Hospice in memory or honor of loved ones creates a lasting tribute to their legacy, while also ensuring that Community Hospice care remains available to everyone in our community. Dollars raised through dedicatory gifts to Community Hospice Foundation support patient care, programs and services of Community Hospice.

    A variety of opportunities enable families to memorialize a loved one through gifts that also show their appreciation for Community Hospice care:

    • Create a lasting memorial.
    • Request gifts in lieu of flowers in obituaries.
    • Make estate gifts to Community Hospice through planned giving.
    • Support Community Hospice Thrift Shop

    Memorial Giving Opportunities:

    DV Walkway

    Celebration of Life Memorial Walkway 
    Features a limited number of red and gray bricks that form a path weaving through the gardens of the Charles M. Neviaser Educational Institute on the Earl B. Hadlow Center for Caring campus of Community Hospice on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville. This tribute is available for gifts of $250-$500. Bricks are engraved with your personal message in memory of loved ones or in honor of family or friends.



    DV Walls

    Care Center Memorial Walls 
    Donors receive the Guardians of Care benefits as well as a Permanent Tribute Plaque on the memorial wall of the care center of your choice for gifts beginning at $2,500 through $10,000.





    DV Bench

    Garden and Walkway Benches 
    Donors receive the Guardians of Care benefits as well as a Permanent Tribute Plaque on a beautiful metal park-style bench at one of our free-standing care centers for gifts starting at $15,000.





    DV Windchime

    Garden Sculptural Wind Chime 
    Donors receive the Guardians of Care benefits as well as a Permanent Tribute Plaque on an exquisite metal sculpture at the care center of your choice for gifts beginning at $10,000 through $25,000.





    DV Bedrooms

    Offices and Patient Bedrooms 
    Donors may dedicate a space, such as a staff office or patient bedroom, at the care center of your choice for gifts beginning at $25,000 for offices and beginning at $100,000 for patient bedrooms and other family areas.





    • Guardians of Care Donors who make annual cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more receive annual listing in our Compassionate Guide newsletter as well as on the donor recognition wall in the Earl B. Hadlow Center for Caring. These gifts may be listed with memorial tributes.
    • Endowed Funds Donors may dedicate a named endowment fund for gifts beginning at $250,000 for designated programs or unrestricted patient care.

    For details, please contact Community Hospice Foundation at 904.886.3883.

    “My parents used to tell me that God made the wind jingle the chimes in our garden as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us. We decided to dedicate the wind chimes as a way to remember them and also show our appreciation for the care provided by Community Hospice staff"

  • Sponsorships

    Community Hospice Foundation offers a number of individual, business and foundation sponsorship opportunities that can establish and recognize your company’s good will in the community. These partnerships establish enduring benefits:

    • Recognition as a community steward
    • Respected for helping those in need in the community
    • Instilling employee pride of association with a good cause
    • Enhancing business marketing efforts and customer loyalty
    • Build local connections

    Sponsorships can occur in various ways—from dress-down days where employees contribute to participate, to selling “paper icons” (see below) for display at a retail outlet as a way for customers to join the effort.

    Community PedsCare Kites Paper Icons 

    For information about the range of sponsorship opportunities available, and how our program can be tailored to meet your goals, please call 904.886.3883.

  • Capital & Endowment Campaign

    Community Hospice Foundation’s $20 million capital and endowment campaign enhances access and quality of care through:

    1. Development, construction and maintenance/upkeep of inpatient care centers: 
      • Dr. Gaston J. Acosta-Rua Center - Westside
      • Anne & Donald McGraw Center - Mayo Clinic
      • The Bailey Family Center - Flagler Hospital
      • Earl B. Hadlow Center – Mandarin
      • George and Margaret Morris Center – Shands Jacksonville
    2. Endowment to fund Community Hospice programs: 
  • Estate and Planned Giving

    Also known as deferred gifts, you can tailor your gift to your personal situation and obtain maximum tax rewards, maintain financial security and, most importantly, make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Unless otherwise requested, those who have made planned gifts are recognized as members of The Legacy Society at Community Hospice Foundation.

    There are several vehicles for planned giving:

    • Bequests in wills: You may wish to join the many friends who have helped support us through bequests, which are gifts left through wills. These gifts can be a particular item, dollar amount or a residual percentage of your estate, and can include tangible personal property, real estate, securities or what remains after you have provided for your survivors.
    • Charitable gift annuities: This is a contract in which you make a gift now and Community Hospice Foundation agrees to pay you annually, over time, a percentage of your gift. Gift annuities provide an immediate income tax deduction for part of the gift's value, while spreading out capital gains over time.
    • CDs, savings and checking accounts: You retain full ownership and control during your lifetime and, at your death, with a payable-on-death provision, the account balance is paid to Community Hospice Foundation immediately, without probate.
    • Charitable remainder trusts: There are several forms of charitable trusts that allow you to make a meaningful gift and receive tax benefits and income from the trust during your life and, possibly, that of an heir.
    • Wealth replacement trust: A wealth replacement trust utilizes life insurance to help you reduce estate taxes and provide for your heirs, while also providing for the charities you care about.
    • Gifts of life insurance: A significant future gift is to name Community Hospice Foundation as the recipient of all or a portion of the proceeds of an existing life insurance policy. With the transfer of ownership of the paid-up policy to Community Hospice Foundation, you will receive a tax deduction for the cash surrender value, thus reducing your tax liability. 

      Another way of giving life insurance is to purchase a new policy naming Community Hospice Foundation as owner and beneficiary. You can provide a major gift with a modest annual payment and receive an income tax deduction for each premium as it is made.
    • Gifts of real estate: A donation of real property, either in full or with a retained life estate, allows you to live in your home and still receive a charitable deduction. This would provide an income tax deduction and estate tax deduction, and avoid potential capital gains tax on any appreciation.

    Planned gifts can be complicated, and we encourage you to discuss your plans with us and your financial advisors. To learn more about the benefits of all areas of giving, please call Community Hospice Foundation at 904.886.3883.

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