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We partner with community physicians and healthcare facilities to provide compassionate care.

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Community Hospice is your Compassionate Guide® ... there for you, and your patients and residents, too.

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  • A Physician's Story


    William C. Gorospe, MD, PhD, Physician, First Coast Infectious Disease Consultants

    Dr. William Gorospe relies on Community Hospice to offer compassionate care to his patients. So much so that when he and his family were faced with his father's advanced illness, they knew where to turn.

    "In addition to referring my patients to Community Hospice, my family relied on them for my father's care. The team was always concerned about his needs and wants. As a physician, that gave me great comfort and peace of mind because I could trust that they were taking care of him when I couldn't be home.Gorospe Button

    "There was a real trust and compassion on the part of the individuals who were taking care of our father, almost like he was a member of their family. I observed a real, sincere caring. Their staff are special, kind people who deal with this all the time, know what to do and how to deal with the many emotions of family members. On a number of occasions, just lending a listening ear so we could talk about things provided us an opportunity to vent, and it was cathartic. They just made the whole process easier."

    --Dr. William C. Gorospe

  • A Nursing Director's Story

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    Terri Reed, RN, Director of Nursing, Moosehaven City of Contentment

    At Moosehaven in Orange Park, Terri Reed ensures residents are comfortable and receive compassionate care from their healthcare team. She trusts Community Hospice to deliver that same level of care to residents who are living with advanced illness.

    "When it's time for hospice care, I rely on my Community Hospice representative to talk with our residents and their family members, evaluate their needs, explain how they can help and partner with our staff to provide excellent care. 

    "The staff is very caring and compassionate. That's what it's all about. We care about our residents and put them at the top. That's our mission: to take care of them and do it in a kind, caring and competent way. Community Hospice partners with us to do just that. They provide that added layer of support and quality care that is so important during our resident's life and at the end of their life."

    --Terri Reed, RN

  • A Community Hospice Physician's Story

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    Reuben Smith, MD, Associate Medical Director, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida

    As a Community Hospice physician, Dr. Reuben Smith works with community physicians and an interdisciplinary team including nurse practitioners and nurses, psychosocial specialists, chaplains, hospice aides and volunteers to provide "quality of life care" to patients and their families, through expert pain and symptom management and support for family caregivers.

    "The biggest myth that I hear from patients and physicians is that hospice is only about dying. Nothing is further from the truth. Our role is to make sure that patients stay comfortable and live well. When we manage that, take care of their needs and relieve their suffering, then we allow patients to be restful and at peace for whatever time they have left.

    "In addition to managing patients' needs, we provide follow-up information to referring physicians, ensuring that they remain a part of the team. Throughout our care, it's important that we include them in the treatment regimen, provide information about their patients' status and keep lines of communication open."

    --Dr. Reuben Smith

  • A Facility Director's Story

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    Jane Kowalski, RN, Health and Wellness Director, Clare Bridge of Jacksonville

    Head nurse Jane Kowalski makes sure residents at Clare Bridge are comfortable and receive compassionate assistance from staff. She trusts Community Hospice to deliver that same level of care and an added layer of support to residents with advanced dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

    "The interdisciplinary care at Community Hospice is marvelous. It's a whole care team--physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, chaplains, nursing assistants, volunteers and DME department. We are able to call on them any time of the day or night. They always show enormous compassion and caring to our residents who are like family to us.

    "I refer residents to Community Hospice because their track record is so good. They are always available to help us enrich the lives of our residents and help them through whatever they are going through with the dignity, caring and compassion that we expect."

    --Jane Kowalski, RN