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Our teams provide relief for your residents and your staff.

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When Community Hospice partners with you for the care of your residents, we consider ourselves honored guests in your home. And like a good house guest, we respect your space and those who live there.

We offer you an added layer of support, including care planning assistance, Medicaid applications and pre-screening, in-services and workshops, memorial services, emotional support for family members, and even specialized programs such as wound care, crisis intervention care and pet therapy. We are there when you need us, even in the middle of the night.

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Community Hospice care at assisted living facilities 

Community Hospice’s specialized support for assisted living facilities ensures your residents “age in place,” remaining comfortable and living better even as their lifestyle may change with advanced illness. Our medications, equipment, supplies and specialized therapies in pain management and wound support may consolidate services from outside providers, saving you time and labor costs. Our interdisciplinary teams also provide you with an added layer of support for residents’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs—anytime, day or night.

Just as we do at skilled nursing facilities, we also offer training opportunities, with more than 50 continuing education topics for your staff, and family nights and other activities to support your residents’ loved ones.

Learn more about how we can help your residents "age in place" with comfort and dignity, by contacting your healthcare relations representative, or call 904.407.6500.

Community Hospice care at skilled nursing facilities 

There’s no place like home.

At Community Hospice, we know that your facility is your residents’ home, and you are all members of one extended family. That’s why our care is designed to keep your residents right where they are, which can mean fewer trips outside your doors for hospitalizations or invasive treatments.

Just as you are part of an extended family, we strive to provide consistent staff, who may also become a trusted part of that family. We listen to your needs and provide services of value to you. Those can include:

• Expert pain management
• Wound support
• Certified nursing assistants to support activities of daily living
• Medications, equipment and supplies for residents’ advanced illness
• Crisis intervention care for intractable pain and symptoms
• Emotional support for families
• Complementary care, such as pet therapy
• Care planning assistance
• Medicaid applications and pre-screening assistance
• Continuing education in-services and workshops
• Speakers for health fairs or family nights
• Memorial services for staff, residents and their families

Learn more about the special support we offer “in your home” by contacting your healthcare relations representative, or call 904.407.6500.