Northeast Florida Community Hospice

Call to Request Care: 904.407.6500

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On-call services 24/7 and support between visits

You and your family members may have questions and concerns. Sometimes changes occur between visits, during the night and on weekends. We are here to help at any time day or night.

You or your caregiver should contact your nurse as soon as you notice changes in your condition or if you have questions.

Call the 24/7 Patient Priority Line at 904.407.7300.

Be sure to have your Patient Security Code available. The code is listed in the first few pages of the “Welcome to Community Hospice” booklet you received from your nurse.

 If needed, we can arrange for a nurse to visit and will consult with your physician or Community Hospice medical director if medications or other treatments need to be changed. If you call at the onset of symptoms, your nurse may be able to prevent symptoms from worsening.

Changes sometimes occur during the night and on weekends when your primary nurse may not be available. A nurse is always available, however, to assist you any time, day or night, to take care of your urgent problems.

Community Hospice not only provides support for the patient, we are here to support the whole family. Please call us if:

  • The caregiver or other family members are feeling so stressed that they are having problems coping
  • Other family members, especially children, change their eating or sleeping habits, or they suddenly have problems outside of the house

There are no rules about when to telephone Community Hospice. Many things that can be managed during the day may seem overwhelming or frightening at night. The best guideline is your own sense of what is going on. If you believe something is urgent, please call the 24/7 Patient Priority Line at 904.407.7300. When you call, please have your Patient Security Code available. We are here to help.