Northeast Florida Community Hospice

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Community Hospice accepts most private insurance. Insurance hospice benefits are paid according to your insurance plan’s coverage and are subject to your deductible, co-payment and the out-of-pocket requirements of the individual plan.

As part of our commitment to you and our community, Community Hospice will make every effort to provide any level of care we deem medically necessary regardless of this insurance determination. It is the policy of Community Hospice to ensure the availability of end-of-life care to all individuals who request and are eligible for hospice care regardless of their ability to pay for services. However, Community Hospice, in order to protect its ability to provide care for all, will bill Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, if available.

We are available to help you understand your financial responsibility as it relates to our hospice care. Please call 904.268.5200 and ask to speak with someone in our Finance department.