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Community Hospice inpatient care

At times, pain or symptoms may become difficult to manage or stabilize at home, a nursing home or assisted living facility. Community Hospice can provide short-term Crisis Intervention Care at home, or intensive care can be provided at one of our Community Hospice inpatient care centers.

Inpatient care is intended as a short-term solution to help manage uncontrolled pain and symptoms.

You may need round-the-clock attention or need special therapies to reduce pain, provide comfort and improve quality of life. All Community Hospice care centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with round-the-clock care and dedicated hospice care teams, these centers include private patient rooms in a homelike setting where family, friends and loved ones can visit day or night. In fact, overnight stays are welcome and encouraged. Kitchens, laundry facilities and nondenominational chapels are available at most care centers.

Your length of stay is determined by your individual needs, but a stay usually lasts just a few days. A Community Hospice physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner will work with our Community Hospice inpatient team to manage your symptoms and provide comfort care.

The goal of inpatient care is to return you to your residence whenever possible. It is not a substitute for home care or long-term care. When your condition stabilizes and your physician determines that an inpatient level of care is no longer necessary, you will be transferred from the inpatient care center to an appropriate place of care.Our psychosocial staff will assist you with a transfer plan. The plan may include transfer to home, a long-term care facility or an assisted living facility, depending on your situation at that time. We also can assist you and your family with applying for institutional Medicaid for long-term care facility room and board, if appropriate and as needed.