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Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult, especially for a child. Grieving children are likely to feel different and alone. Most children do not know what to expect following the loss of a family member or friend. Community Hospice can help your child through this difficult time.

  • Guidelines to Help a Child Deal With Loss

    • Enable your child or teen to discuss his or her feelings before a crisis strikes, as well as after the death.
    • Talk in a quiet, honest and straightforward way to encourage further dialogue.
    • Begin at your child’s level and remember your attitude is more important than your words.
    • Allow your child to vent and express emotions (anger, tears, guilt, despair and protest are all natural reactions).
    • Listen. Your child and/or teen needs to talk, not be talked to.
    • Give your child and/or teen every opportunity to reminisce about the person.
    • Supply your child with simple facts— answer questions honestly.
    • Respect your child and/or teen’s personality, for in the long run it is the child or teen who must find answers to the problems of life and death.
    • Remember that your child and/or teen looks to you as an example.
  • Individual and Family Counseling

    Community Hospice bereavement counselors provide individual and family counseling to help children who have experienced the death of a sibling, parent, grandparent, friend or other loved one and who may need support or guidance in dealing with the grief associated with that loss.

  • Some Signs That a Child May Need Professional Help

    • If schoolwork takes a dramatic decline or your child develops a phobic fear of school.
    • If news of a death was kept from your child for a long time or if the child was told lies about the death.
    • If a child and/or teen threatens suicide.
    • If a child and/or teen panics frequently.
    • If a teen is staying away from home or starting to demonstrate runaway behavior.
    • If a child and/or teen is unwilling or unable to socialize with other peers.
    • If a child and/or teen has experienced multiple losses.
  • Camp Healing Powers®

    “My favorite part of camp was getting to make new friends who have gone through similar things like me. My least favorite part was having to leave.”


    Recognizing the need to help children through the grieving process, Community Hospice started Camp Healing Powers®, a therapeutic weekend camp where children can freely express their feelings about the loss of a loved one in an enjoyable, accepting and supportive environment.

    Camp Healing Powers is an overnight camp experience (Friday night through Sunday morning), where children have the opportunity to meet with other campers who have experienced similar losses. Time together helps them realize that what they are feeling is a normal part of grief — and that they are not alone.

    Under the guidance of licensed bereavement counselors, children engage in indoor and outdoor, age-specific activities involving arts and crafts, music, balloon releases, recreational games, and activities of remembrance. These activities are designed so they can explore and express their emotions, and develop coping skills to help them navigate through the grief journey.

    Camp eligibility:

    • Open for children between the ages of 7 and 17.
    • The death has occurred at least three months prior to the camp date but no longer than two years.
    • Pre-camp assessments are required and conducted by Community Hospice bereavement counselors who meet with you and your child prior to camp to gain an understanding of your child’s perception of the loss and its effect on academic performance, home environment, peer relationships, grief reactions, support system and coping skills.

    Upcoming camp dates...

    For more information about Camp Healing Powers or counseling services for your child, please call 904.407.7001.

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