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Hope for the Holidays

Hope for the Holidays workshop is created for families, friends and caregivers who have experienced the death of a loved one to help them reflect on their loss, cope with grief reactions and restore a sense of hope for the upcoming season.

Hope for the Holidays workshops are held in November and December at various locations throughout our community. Participation is available at no charge and open to the public. To view the workshops offered for the coming holiday season, see our Events Calendar.

Tree of Life Lighting Ceremony 

This annual service of remembrance is held at the Earl B. Hadlow Center for Caring in December. The event features the illumination of more than 60,000 lights on trees around the campus to represent the life of each person cared for by Community Hospice during more than 30 years of service. The celebration includes a special spiritual liturgy, music and candlelighting to commemorate the lives of loved ones who have died. You are invited to bring a photograph of your loved one to display on the memory tables.

For more information about the annual Tree of Life Lighting ceremony, contact Community Hospice Foundation at 904.886.3883.

For dates of upcoming events, please see our calendar page.

The Griever’s Holiday Bill of Rights

  • You have the right to say time out.
  • You have the right to tell it like it is.
  • You have the right to “bah humbug” days.
  • You have the right to do things differently.
  • You have the right to be where you want to be.
  • You have the right to have some fun.
  • You have the right to change directions in mid-stream.
  • You have the right to do things at different times.
  • You have the right to rest, peace and solitude.
  • You have the right to do it all differently again next year.

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