Northeast Florida Community Hospice

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Community Hospice services are provided wherever you reside — your residence, a long-term care or assisted living facility, or a hospital.

Our care is available wherever you reside — in your private home, in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in area hospitals. When pain or symptoms may become too difficult to manage or stabilize at home, Community Hospice can provide care in one of our homelike, short-term inpatient care centers conveniently located in our Northeast Florida area.

If you are able and choose to stay in your own home, a family member or friend usually serves as the primary caregiver, supplemented by regular visits from Community Hospice care team members. Equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis that are needed to manage your condition will be provided.

If you live in a long-term care or assisted living facility, the Community Hospice team will work side by side with the facility staff to ensure that pain and other physical, psychosocial or spiritual symptoms are effectively managed and to provide an extra level of comfort and support for you.

In many cases, you can be admitted into Community Hospice care while in most of our area hospitals. The Community Hospice team provides an added level of support to the care already provided by hospital staff.

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